Soil Analysis for Better Lawn Care

There is a saying, “Feed the soil, and let the soil feed the plant.” This organic premise is the basis by which Dana Designs landscape care programs begin to restore and condition your soil. Healthy living soil not only benefits your turf, but, over a period of time, the trees and shrubs throughout your landscape as well.

The objective of good lawn care is to have its three components — physical, chemical and biological — working together to form a healthy environment to grow turf.  Soil bacteria and fungi form aggregates that improve the soils physical characteristics.  We see this through reducing compaction and enhancing water retention.  These improvements will help break down nutrients and improve the chemical components of the soil.


Dana Designs’ lawn care program begins by taking random samples of your soil. Our own observations will show us the amount of thatch in the turf, level of compaction and depth of the root system.  By sending the sample to a lab for analysis we will learn the pH level and percentage of organic matter in the soil.  It measures the relationship between calcium and magnesium, tells us the levels of phosphorus and potassium, even the cation action exchange capacity, which indicates the desire of the soil to hold nutrients.

Now we have a benchmark to design a program to amend the soil in your landscape and the knowledge to measure results over a period of time.  Of course, a thicker, greener lawn that appears more tolerant to each years growing conditions is our objective too.

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